The 3-Question (Non-Cheesy) Close

For those of you who asked for this… here’s the 3-question closing sequence that boosts your sales results… WITHOUT being cheesy or hypey.

I’m assuming that’s something you’d like more of.

More clients and more customers…

More people investing with you…

Doing your best work, with people you appreciate and getting paid well for doing it!

And it’s even better when we can have all this without the cheese and hype.

To your success,
Kevin Thompson


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  1. Dave Lewis at

    Dave Lewis here, Kevin… This question series has been a kind of fill in the missing pieces kind of thing that is greatly appreciated. I’m using time trade for my conversation and in person appointments and it is indeed working. I look forward to the day when I can honor your sharing and connections with a check of $100,000 because of some connections that became my biggest client or group of people that I work with. Great job and well done!

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