Why are you here?

I’ve got an important question for you today.

Why did you start a relationship with me?

Why do you take the time to open these emails?

Why do you want to increase your revenue or income?

Today I’d like to share some insight that will let you get a lot more clarity around your BIG WHY.

If you’re not yet where you want to be in life or business, this is a “must see”.

To your success,
Kevin Thompson


The 3-Question (Non-Cheesy) Close

For those of you who asked for this… here’s the 3-question closing sequence that boosts your sales results… WITHOUT being cheesy or hypey.

I’m assuming that’s something you’d like more of.

More clients and more customers…

More people investing with you…

Doing your best work, with people you appreciate and getting paid well for doing it!

And it’s even better when we can have all this without the cheese and hype.

To your success,
Kevin Thompson


How To Increase Engagement With Your Prospects And Clients

If you want to dramatically increase the engagement and connection with your prospects during presentations, webinars or conversations, begin asking them these 5 questions.

The more engagement you have, the better results you’ll get… in every area of your business.

Your prospects and clients WANT to have a connection with you and know you care about them.

These 5 simple questions will allow you to connect in a far more powerful way than you ever have before.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson


Looking for a connection… Can you help me?

I got a call yesterday from a gentleman with The Miami Marlins Organization.

They’re looking for a sponsor for their 4-year old stadium and thought I might be able to help.

Depending on the sponsorship arrangement, the investment will be between 5-8 Million.

They also have some smaller sponsorships available in the 1-3 Million range.

Since they’re offering a 3-15% commission, depending on the type and length of sponsorships chosen, it’s definitely worth the time to do a little bit of follow up on this.

I’ve already been making a few phone calls, and figured it would be good to post here as well.

If you […]


Huge Tip For Building Relationship Capital

Luke H - Manny G

I just connected two more rock stars… Manny Goldman and Luke Havard.

I LOVE doing this stuff and it’s become a daily occurrence!

When I make introductions at this level, I don’t simply make the connection, and then bow out.

No Siree!

I make time in my schedule so I can join in on the conversation when they connect.

There’s 3 reasons for doing this.

1. It lets me formally introduce the two people I’m connecting.

2. Listening in on their conversation gives me additional insight and information that allows me to get even […]


Richard Tripp – Are You In Maker Prison?

The insight Richard Tripp offers in the recording below is so powerful that I had to share it with people like yourself who will really resonate with this.

WARNING: Richard uses some colorful language, so if you’re offended by that kind of thing, you’ll want to take a pass.

If you’re ready to dig deeper and make some profound discoveries about yourself…

Click This Link To Access The Recording

If this message resonates with you (like I believe it will) I’m happy to introduce you to Richard.

You already have my contact info, so reach back out to […]