[Assessment Tool] 2X Your Revenue In 30 Days

Today I get to share an incredible tool with you.

It’s called The Relationship Capital Scorecard and it will let you know if you’re in a position to double the revenue from your key business relationships in just 30 days.

Click the link below to find out how you score.

The Relationship Capital Scorecard


After doing so, if you feel you’re a qualifying entrepreneur, send an email to me at Kevin@PartnershipPlaybook.com and include your completed Scorecard.

I’ll be happy to make time for us to speak so we can go over your […]


Partnership Playbook Training – Module #1

I want to thank you for taking the time to complete the online survey and let you know how much it’s appreciated.

As promised, I’m giving you access to the first Partnership Playbook Module, and with it I’d like to issue a challenge.

When you listen to this training within the next 48 hours and do the active appreciation exercise I share with you… I’ll offer you a One-On-One Strategy Session and show you specifically how you can leverage this process to quickly and dramatically increase your income… starting from where you are right now.

I only have time for 3 Strategy Sessions […]


How To Sell 27,000 Books In 5 Days

I recently interviewed my friend Tyler Bramlett on how he sold 27,000 copies of his new book in only 5 days.

Enjoy this interview because it’s going to be incredibly valuable for you!

This is such a great example of collaboration… and once again show how we can do far more TOGETHER that we can ever accomplish on our own.

Just click the link to access the recording.


How To Sell 27,000 Books In 5 Days… with Tyler Bramlett


Be sure to let me know what kind of impact today’s message has on you.

To your success,
Kevin Thompson


Being A Receiver Is The REAL You

Over the last couple days I’ve shared two incredibly personal stories that reveal my own struggle with giving and receiving.

I’ve always been really good at receiving, but I was terrible when it came to graciously receiving, or accepting help from others.

All because I never wanted to be perceived as a “taker”.

Those first two experiences definitely caused me to get better at receiving, but the experience I’ll share today was the game-changer.

It took about 3 years to have these experiences in real time, but in sharing them with you, I’m going to compress the time frame […]


Are You Just A “Taker”?

Yesterday I shared an intimate story about my own struggle with receiving from others, and if you’re a great giver, it probably hit home with you in a big way.

You love giving, but like me, you don’t allow others to freely and openly give to you.

There’s many reasons for this:

You don’t want to bother or be a burden to other people.

You don’t want to be perceived as a “taker”.

You don’t feel worthy.

Whatever your reasons, today I’d like to introduce you to another reality.

The reality that you’re NOT a burden to others.

The reality that you’re NOT […]


Here’s How To Start Receiving

Are you ready to get WAAAAY better at receiving and put an end to all the one-sided relationships in your life?

If so, here’s the first step.

If you feel like you’re a lot better at giving than you are at receiving… this is going to be a game-changer for you.

Once you understand this simple process, a whole new world of abundance and wealth will be open to you.

It took more than 3 years for me to get really good at graciously receiving from others, but once I did, it was a game-changer.

At this very moment, you’re […]