Cashing In On God Given Gifts

I received this comment from a woman who participated in one of my recent trainings:

“I never intended to turn my gift into a business. I only use my gift to help people, some of whom the doctors have given up on. I just wouldn’t feel right about charging people, when God GAVE me this gift and, actually, I do nothing. I’m just a channel through whom God works to heal people. I hope you understand”.

Right or wrong, here was my response to her (it felt right in the moment)…

Some of what you’ve shared has me curious.

Like you, I’ve been blessed with a gift and I’ve been able to use that gift to help millions of people over the last decade.

Not directly, but by being a connector for influential entrepreneurs and business owners.

By getting compensated well for what I do, I’m able to take care of my own family in a way that makes me feel great.

And because I have more than is required to take care of my own family, we’re also able to help many others through our family foundation and the philanthropic work we do there.

Are you open to the possibility that you’ve been given this gift in order to help others, and because you provide so much value, you’re SUPPOSED to be compensated well so that you too can be a good steward and help even more people through your own tithing, giving and generosity?

Just wanted to present another possibility for you to consider.

And here’s the response I received in return…

I can’t thank you enough for your very wise reply because you are right. I had not thought of being able to help others in another way. Thank you for giving me something to think and pray about.

Hopefully this helps you in some way and am always open to hearing your comments and perspective.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. Great response, Kevin! Very wise and helpful!

  2. Mary-Kay Perris at

    I absolutely agree – the more we have the more we can give!

  3. Lise Desjardins at

    Thanks for the consideration. I just a new life in Phillippine last year. Get back to my root village helping my hold parent’s and continue my mission with kid’s and women.

    I really need a financial support to achieve my gold with a pilote projet brain gym – yoga workshop for kid’s at scholl?

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