These Examples Show The Kind Of
Powerful Introductions I’m Talking About! 

The clients and friends in these examples are some of the most incredibly generous, giving and helpful people I’ve ever met and I’m so appreciative of the relationship we have!

Tom Matzen and Richard Branson

Rob Kosberg and Angela Lauria

Draye Redfern and Len Schwartz

Jesse Elder and Richard Tripp

Josh Bezoni and Jeromy Stallings

Ben Greenfield and Kathy Mauck

Jimmy Harding and Dinny Lansdowne

Travis Sago and John Carter

Ty Cohen and Ben Pritchard

Gene Hamlett and David Gonzalez

Dinny Lansdowne and Jason Gardner

Jaime Masters (Tardy) and Garrett Gunderson

Peter Weinstein and Jason Friedman

Jayson Gaignard and Steve Olsher

Jonathan Herbert and Draye Redfern

Diederik Gelderman and Luke Havard

Megan Smith-Gill and Rob Kosberg

Perry Marshall and Rachael Berguson

Gail Kingsbury and Tim Templeton