How To Increase Engagement With Your Prospects And Clients

If you want to dramatically increase the engagement and connection with your prospects during presentations, webinars or conversations, begin asking them these 5 questions.

The more engagement you have, the better results you’ll get… in every area of your business.

Your prospects and clients WANT to have a connection with you and know you care about them.

These 5 simple questions will allow you to connect in a far more powerful way than you ever have before.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. Doreen Lynch at

    I loved the honesty and humour in your video clip…that speaks volumes to your integrity! I’m going to try to be more candid and less scripted! D

  2. Kevin Thompson at

    Thanks for the comment Doreen. I used to be more scripted but have found that just being me, complete with all my faults is so much easier. And people just appreciate it!

  3. Hi Kevin, I would like to know the other questions you ask your clients.


  4. Ryan K at

    Great advise to get more engagement and bring your prospects or people on your list to give you more info and getting them to draw closer to your message.

  5. good stuff, what are the other three questions?

  6. Anita K at

    Hi Kevin, I have listened to your video and these questions do make a lot of sense. Thank you for the inspiration! Best wishes, Anita

  7. These are great questions Kevin! Please do let us know what the three questions are that you ask at the end of the webinar as well.

  8. Interesting, Kevin. One of the most interesting things is what I learned about me… The #1 word that applies when I have reached this goal is “Right”. Such a siple and powerful word.

    I definitely want to know the next 3 questions… pretty please. 🤔

  9. Dave Lewis at

    Dave Lewis here from New Jersey… These are not only great questions Kevin, they are fun open questions that bare no resistance. I do want to know the other three questions, and thanks for sending them as well. I know in my heart this level of service is allowing me to reinvent myself and you know like know myself as someone I would be proud, willing, and anxious to introduce to others. Thank you so much Kevin for your commitment to personal development and service to others…. The Best Is Yet To Come for so many people, even for me too!

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