Would Really Appreciate Your Opinion On This

If you’re hosting an intimate by-invitation-only event, do you announce it from the rooftops and let everyone know… or do you totally keep it on the down low?

No right or wrong answer here.

Just curious what people’s thought process would be.

On one hand, you could keep it small, intimate, and under wraps… privately inviting only those that you want to attend.

On the other hand, you could let everyone know what was going on, publishing the guest list and the whole thing… with the intention of perhaps finding more “right fit” people you’d want to attend.

Would really appreciate getting your insight on this.

Just post below.

Thanks in advance!

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. Michael E. Schmidlen at

    It depends on what type of event it is and what the desired outcome/goal of the event is; if it’s an intimate gathering, then no, if it’s a large gathering to gain more exposure, the more the merrier!

  2. I would let everyone know about the event and publish details, making room for others that would like to attend apply for a seat at the table to see if they are a good fit, therefore making a fully engaged intimate event.

  3. April at

    Well with the intention of attracting new clients, I would send out the news about my event to everyone.

  4. I would choose the second option!

  5. Laurie Owen at

    If it were me, at this point in my process, I’d probably keep it quiet, thinking of it as a beta test, but be sure to record it for use in broadcasting about the NEXT one. But if I were you, with your connections, I’d probably send out a question such as this one, to pique everybody’s curiosity. 😀

  6. Richard Erasmus at

    If I knew the event would benefit people in a certain niche I would invite other marketers similar to me to advertise on thier lists

  7. If the event is advertised as intimate and by invitation only… it should stay that way. If I had been invited to an event advertised as such and it turned out to be a huge gala affair, I would be pretty upset.

  8. Bob Schimmel at

    If the intent the the event was to get leads I would:

    1. Establish a JV and partner with someone well connected and/or had a large customer database of clients that would be interested in my product/service and would do a seminar or workshop. I would provide all the marketing materials prior to the event to stimulate the interest prior to the event to stimulate interest.
    2. To increase the size of the audience I might have several JVs involved

    In this scenario I would have no interest in a “private” setting the more the merrier

    In this manner it would be a WIn-Win-Win
    The JVs participants would be endeared to them for providing extra value.
    The partipants would take away things they could apply immediately in their businesses
    And I would generate new clients …

  9. Deborah Sutton at

    I feel it would depend on the type of event and the audience I’m trying to reach. If it is by invitation only as you stated in the first sentence that right there States your intention . It wouldn’t be public it would be more intimate. However stating that it is open with a limited amount of spaces would make it a broader audience…

  10. Karyn at

    I would shout it from the roof tops.. and see if that sparks a buzz in some who have not been invited, but will be for the next time

  11. Scott at

    Hello Kevin,

    The scope of the invitation depends on my objective and the level of engagement and performance I want. . If the goal is finding the right fit people – if you really put yourself out there – to attract them – it will be hard to stop them from finding you if you are embracing the energy of the fit you want.

    Also smaller events can create a stronger relationship “intensity” and connection and this may be important in some cases in there own right. These relationship become valuable beyond the connection for possible joint venture projects or future testimonials. In most cases, I would prefer strong trust with a group of 12 than a more impersonal relationship with a group of 100. For masters of their work that are also reaching out to the largest possible audience – perhaps numbers reached matters the most or “revenue generated” if you are funding the growth of your business.

    Knowing my objective the key to making the decision. I think for others this also holds true.

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