Why It’s NOT Better To Give Than To Receive

I’ve been preparing a 10-Minute Talk for Joe Polish’s Genius Network Meeting in a couple weeks and the topic is… Why It’s NOT Better To Give Than To Receive.

The purpose of doing a 10-Minute Talk is to share a strategy or process that’s worth a minimum of $250,000.00 for anyone in the group who chooses to apply what you share.

This talk over delivers on that promise!

I’ve always been a giving and generous person, but for most of my life I totally sucked at receiving from others.

As a result, I was stopping the natural flow of incredible experiences from happening in my life.

Without realizing it… there’s a 99% chance that you’re doing the same thing!

Watch the video and you’ll find out.

And more importantly… you’ll find out how to solve this problem.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. I so appreciated this video, Kevin! I still struggle with asking for help! My reach out to you to ask for the couple of minutes was practice. {You’re a totally safe environment and it was still hard to do!}

  2. Kevin Thompson at

    You’re so right Sherry and that’s what I appreciate most about “The Partnership”. It’s a totally safe space where everyone is here to help and support you. So proud of you for practicing your ask because this is such a powerful place to come from.

    And here’s the great news Sherry…

    Everyone around you already knows what a giving and generous person you are, so we love helping YOU when we can.

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