Here's The 6-Step Process That
Gets You More New Clients In A Month
Than You Currently Get All Year!


If you’re ready to get more clients in a month, than you currently get all year… today I’m going to show you how! The process I’m going to share is so powerful that it gives you tangible results in less than 24 hours.

Yes, I know that’s a bold claim, and it’s one I stand behind 100%.

When you follow the process I’m about to lay out for you… in less than 24 hours, your own personal experience will be proof positive that this process works.

I just sent out my first 9 of what will be 25+ emails using your process and have already received 6 replies.

Talk about an incredible experience Kevin. This stuff works!

Jim Crump, CRMS
Senior Business Consultant - Stryde Savings

We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” and there’s a ton of truth to this. When you’re connected with the right people, life in business gets really easy, and it also gets a lot more profitable.

Since 2007 I’ve been collaborating and partnering with other people to build my business and have had serious exponential growth as a result.

In that time I’ve been both honored and blessed to become close personal friends with some of the most successful and influential people in the business world.

Since doing so, I’m now able to help you in two specific ways…

  1. By sharing this proven process and empowering you to connect and collaborate with the influencers in the business world so you’ll no longer struggle to get new clients and customers.
  2. By being your connector and personally introducing you to the people who are in a position to help you exponentially grow your business so you can get more new clients in a month than you currently get all year.

I’ve invested a ton of time, effort and finances over the last decade in developing this process and am excited to share it with you because it works whether you’re a start-up or whether you have an established business or practice that’s been around for years.

It works for coaches, consultants, professionals, bricks and mortar businesses and online businesses.

So let’s get right to it!

I trust that you’ve already downloaded the “Relationship Capital Scorecard” we offer on the home page, and know your current relationship capital score.

Here’s why this is so important…

When you apply the simple process I’m about to share and re-score yourself 30 short days from now, you’ll be able to see the direct link between your increased relationship capital score and the number of new clients you’re now getting.

Before we go any further, I need to be completely transparent and let you know my big self-serving reason for doing this.

Yes, I’m going to share a process that gets you more new clients in a month than you currently get all year.

But what I’m also looking for is more like-minded strategic partners that I can make personal introductions for… so we can make a big impact in this world and share in the additional revenue we create together.


I’m looking for:

Partners who want to exponentially grow their business or practice.

Partners who will quickly follow up and capitalize on the introductions I make for them.

Partners who are in alignment with what we’ll be discussing today.

So be sure to follow along closely. We’ll be doing some really practical stuff today because I’m here to make you a lot of money… and do it in an ethical way that makes it a win-win for everyone involved!

You’re About To Discover 3 Things…

  1. We’ll identify the biggest opportunity you’re sitting on right now, but not capitalizing from.
  1. We’ll address the 5 critical relationship mistakes that have prevented you from making the kind of income you deserve.
  1. I’m going to walk you through the simple duplicatable and scalable process that’s already been responsible for 16.1 MIL in revenue for me personally, and FAR more than that for my partners… so I can show you how to quickly apply it to your own business or practice (even if you’re just getting started) and you can begin capitalizing on it as well.

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll be armed with an entirely different perspective on the relationships you already have, as well as the future relationships you’ll create, so you can begin capitalizing on the biggest asset you possess… which is YOUR INTEGRITY.

I’ll also share specific examples of the introductions I’ve made for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals just like you that have been worth millions of dollars… so you can see the power of this process in action.

Kevin, in being your authentic self, you’ve discovered an intuitive process that ignites a genuine drive in others help you as a result of conveying to those they care about, the unique value you deliver. What you’ve developed aligns with the latest science and is uncommonly simple and powerful.

Robert Cooper - Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Cooper Strategic -

The Big Problem We All Face…

There’s nothing worse than knowing that you have so much value to offer the people your business or practice serves, yet not have an abundance of the highest converting clients you need to experience the kind of growth you want so you can have a real impact in this world and make the kind of income you deserve.

Even though it’s not your fault, the big problem we all face as entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals is the fact that people are skeptical. They don’t believe us and they don’t trust us.

This problem with trust runs incredibly deep through our entire society and it’s quickly escalating. Here in the U.S. our most recent presidential election is a perfect example of this.

The stories we continually see in the media, coupled with our own past experiences cause us to continually have our B.S. guard up.

This is why advertising has got so expensive, and for many, it’s the reason you’re losing money on advertising. It’s the reason you’re struggling to get new clients and customers. It’s the reason you’re suffering through lean month after lean month. It’s the reason you’re losing sleep at night because your business or practice doesn’t have enough revenue.

The Good News Is

This Is All Solvable!

The solution is to create as much relationship capital as you possibly can with the right people, and continue doing this for the rest of your career.

This certainly isn’t a new concept because the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals have been strategically partnering together for decades. But with all the advances in technology, things have become so transparent that it’s now absolutely critical.

Because the rules have changed so dramatically… if you aren’t actively engaged in forging valuable relationships around your business or practice, you’re at a serious disadvantage because you’re missing out on the best source of clients and revenue you could possibly have.

Here’s The Million Dollar Question…

How many people know you well enough, have enough firsthand knowledge of your business or practice, your experience, your integrity and your capabilities, that they know how to be useful to you and how you can be useful to them?

How many influential people in the business world do you know, like and trust?

How many of them really KNOW YOU, like you and TRUST YOU?

Because the most reliable and valuable asset you possess, other than your experience and integrity, is your NETWORK of influential people.

When you have relationship capital with a network of influencers… the financial capital takes care of itself and life gets really easy.

What does your network look like right now, at this minute?

And if it’s not where you want it to be, let’s start fixing that right now so you can have a far bigger impact in this world and start making the kind of income you deserve!

We'll Start Swinging That Needle Right Now!

In order to set the context for the process I’m about to share with you, I need to give you some brief background so that when I share the big discovery I made back in 2007, it will have a powerful impact on you. You’re here for your own reasons and you don’t give a rip about me… and you shouldn’t!

This is all about you!

And the only reason I’m sharing this brief story is to set the stage for what I’m about to share because this is going to be transformational for you.

I started my first website at in October 2001 as an extension of the cleaning and restoration business I owned at the time.

The sole purpose of doing this was to expand my local business in an attempt to have a nationwide, and maybe even a worldwide reach so I could serve more people.

By 2002 it was making $12,000.00 per month and other people in the cleaning and restoration industry were asking me to help them.

I spent the next 22 months helping these other professionals and it was so rewarding to see them increase their revenues in such a big way.

In January of 2004 I began advertising both online and offline in order to expand my reach and help even more like-minded people who wanted to grow their business.

Over The Next 3 Years We Made Progress,

But It Was Painfully Slow

We just weren’t getting a consistent number of leads and clients to grow the business in the way we wanted, and it was so frustrating.


In June of 2007 I reconnected with my friend Mike Crow at a seminar.

Mike works with home inspectors and after finding out what I’d been doing, he wanted me to host a virtual event for his members because he knew it would be valuable for them.

We did a collaborative project later that month. He introduced me to his members and we hosted a phone based training where I showed them how I’d been helping my other clients.

When we finished, I simply said… if this resonates with you, if you feel like I can help you as well, here’s how we can start working together, and here’s what the investment is.

And it was a huge success!

By the time we finished we’d made $47,349.00 in sales and it was such an incredible win-win experience… for myself, for Mike, and for all the clients I got to start helping!

Now… I’m not always the sharpest pencil in the box and sometimes I’m a slow learner, but did put 2 and 2 together and…

That’s When I Made The Huge Discovery!

Having an endorsed introduction from someone who already has a great relationship with their people is the key to getting the highest, fastest and most profitable converting prospects.

Since that first project with Mike in 2007, we’ve collaborated on 462 additional projects to date… and along the way we’ve perfected a process that works for ANY entrepreneur, business owner or professional… regardless of the business or profession you’re in.

Collaborating and partnering with like-minded people who are more than happy to personally introduce you to 100’s of your ideal clients will exponentially increase your profit and far overshadow anything you could possibly accomplish through advertising.

No matter what kind of return you get from your current advertising, I don’t care whether it’s…

Broadcast media like radio and television…

Print media like magazine, catalog, newspaper or direct mail…

Digital and Interactive media such as email, text, banner ads or Google…

or Social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn…

When You Apply This Process…
You’ll See An Immediate
Exponential Increase Of Up To 10X

And you’ll get this massive jump in results WITHOUT changing a thing with your marketing or advertising model… simply because you now have the benefit of the endorsed introduction.

Since I began using this process in 2007, we’ve done 462 collaborative projects, made 16.1 Million in sales and created close personal relationships with hundreds of influential entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals.

But as exciting as this has all been… my own success pales in comparison to the satisfaction and absolute joy that’s come from making personal introductions that have been worth millions of dollars for like-minded people like you.

And like I mentioned when we started this training, my goal is to do far more than just share this process with you.

If it makes sense, I’d like to begin making introductions and connect you with the influencers who will gladly help you get more new clients in a month than you now get all year… because that’s the REALLY BIG win!

But Before We Go There…
I Need To Play Devil’s Advocate!

Because you need to know about the ONE big problem we discovered early on, when I first began making these kinds of introductions for people like you.

Whenever I’m talking with someone, the goal is always the same… to leave you in a better place than you were before we met… because that’s how you create immediate rapport and trust.

To accomplish this, I ask 5 specific questions, and in just a few minutes I have everything needed, and know exactly how to best help the person I’m talking with.

In most situations, that involves making a key introduction that allows the person I’m talking with to capitalize on a specific opportunity… or solve a specific problem they’ve just told me about.

In every one of these conversations I was so excited to make these introductions because I saw all these great things happening. I saw all this incredible value being created. I saw dollar signs and revenue all over the place!

But… when I’d follow up a week or so later, I was absolutely shocked at how many of these introductions didn’t go anywhere.

I’m Thinking To Myself…

Didn’t you see what I saw?

Didn’t you see the huge opportunity here?

Didn’t you see what this would do for you?

That’s when we discovered that making these introductions was pointless unless we first made sure you were empowered to capitalize on them.

It was such a disservice, and so frustrating to make these introductions, only to have them go to waste with the fruit left rotting on the vine… or worse yet… not harvested at all.

I could connect you with someone like Richard Branson, which I’ve done for a client, but if you’re not prepared to capitalize on the introduction… what’s the point?

And that’s when I realized the importance of training first… training that empowers you to connect, communicate and collaborate in a far more powerful way than you’ve ever done before, so you get 100% cooperation from people who are willing to do whatever they can to help you.

People who immediately recognize how they can be useful to you… how you can be useful to them… and how you can do great things TOGETHER, that neither of you could possibly accomplish on your own.

Kevin Thompson is the expert when it comes to collaborating and partnering with influential entrepreneurs. He gives his partners the ability to see the biggest opportunities they’ve been completely missing out on.

Joe Polish, The Genius Network

So congratulations to you for being here, because once you see how this process works, you’ll understand how you can immediately apply it to your to your business or practice!

But… before I show you how it’s done, I need to give you a word of caution.

Even the most well-intentioned of us tend to get tripped up, so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. We’ll start by going over…

The 5 Critical Relationship Mistakes


Asking for something from a potential strategic partner or influencer on your initial contact… instead of simply trying to be of service and create immediate relationship capital. Or going on and on, talking about yourself, your business or your practice when you’ve just met someone… especially if you think they might be a potential customer, client or source of business.

This happens all the time in networking situations and it’s the very reason so many people have had such a bad experience with them. Always be looking for a way that you can give something of value FIRST.



Not viewing every relationship in your life as a potential strategic partner and treating them accordingly… treating them like you’d want to be treated.

This includes your prospects, your customers or clients, your staff, your vendors, and of course other business owners and professionals who can easily send you large numbers of new customers and clients.

The fact is, you never know who you’re talking with, who they really are and who they’re connected with until you get to know them.

And always remember… in any given conversation, you’re never more than 3 degrees away from anyone you’d possibly want to meet or do business with. And when you’re connected with the right people, you’re only 1-2 degrees away.



Thinking that money is the #1 motivator for your strategic partners. When using this process to attract and connect with the kind of A-List people we’re talking about, you’ll quickly discover that “money” shows up way down on their list of “must haves”.

Things like providing value, improving the relationship they already have with their clients, protecting the brand they’ve created, making a difference in people’s lives and collaborating with people of integrity are just a few examples of things that rank FAR higher on their list.



Trying to be a lone wolf, not asking for help from anyone because you don’t want to bother people, or you don’t want to be perceived as a “taker”.

If you’re a giving and generous person, the reality is, you’ve already got plenty of stored relationship capital that you’re not capitalizing on and you’re already surrounded by an abundance of people who will gladly help you.



Thinking that it’s difficult or time consuming to develop profitable relationships that quickly generate large amounts revenue. It actually takes very little time.

We’re talking minutes, not weeks, months or years… when you follow a proven structure.

The reality is, everyone wants to see results fast. I’ve never met a single person who wanted to postpone doing something worthwhile, having a great experience or creating revenue.

And in just a bit, I’ll share specific examples that show how fast this really happens when you surround yourself with the right people.


I can’t tell you how many business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who are only making a fraction of the income they could be making, and who never have the impact on people lives that’s possible, simply because they continue to make one or more of these 5 critical mistakes.

Now that you understand these 5 mistakes and know how to avoid them, let’s look at where you DO need to focus your attention.

There Are Specific Steps You Must Follow!

Especially if you’re ready to have the kind of exponential growth we’ve been talking about.

I can assure you, that whatever you’re currently able to envision as your best case scenario from where you’re sitting right now, as you begin to get a grasp on this process, you quickly discover that your future reality is much bigger, more profitable and more rewarding than anything you could possibly imagine at this very moment in time.

Kevin has an amazing process for connecting with high level influencers, helping them and collaborating with them in a way that leads to huge revenue being created very quickly. I had him as a guest on my podcast and his process is gold!

John Corcoran

Let me show you what I’m talking about and allow you to experience this for yourself as I introduce you to…

The 6-Step Tested & Proven Process
We’ll Use To Get You More New Clients
In A Month Than You Currently Get All Year!

red-number-1Show Active Appreciation to everyone you care about, ESPECIALLY your high value relationships.

Because it directly applies, let me quickly explain the difference between gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude implies that something good had to happen to you or for you in order for you to be grateful but you aren’t in control of when it happens.

Appreciation is something that we can choose to actively participate in.

No matter how successful someone is, no matter how big their business is, no matter who they are… they don’t get enough appreciation. When you actively show people genuine appreciation it creates an incredible connection.

When you follow the same process I use, I’ll show you how to put Active Appreciation on steroids so people respond to you in less than 24 hours, and in many cases… less than an hour.

It’s how you connect with them that makes all the difference and there’s a specific process for connecting with people that gets them to respond so quickly.

red-number-2Contact your strategic partner with a simple message that grabs their attention and lets them know you’re the kind of person who clearly has their best interest in mind.

And just to clarify… your ideal strategic partner is someone who already has an existing relationship with a large number of your ideal clients or can connect you with people who do.

When you get this right they’ll respond… and they’ll respond immediately (HINT: it ain’t the money) – In fact… if you begin your conversation by talking about all the money you could make together, you’re gonna crash and burn.

But on the other hand… when you’ve made that initial genuine connection with someone, and have your initial messaging dialed in perfectly… they’ll ALWAYS respond immediately… without exception.

red-number-3Make time to for the two of you to talk for a few minutes and follow The 5-Question Partner Interview.

The key is to follow this process to the tee and communicate in a very specific and intentional way. You’ll ask each of the 5 questions, and then listen, listen, listen and take notes.

Let them know you’re taking notes, let them hear you plunking away on your keyboard – if you do this in person, use a legal pad, laptop or IPad.

No one else in their organization listens to them like this, and you’re going to make one heck of an impression when you do.

This is also how you get the information and insight you need in order to gain their 100% cooperation… because that’s what they REALLY want… to collaborate with someone who “gets them”.

Imagine what would happen if you were having just 3 or 4 conversations like this each month.

red-number-4Now you can WOW them by demonstrating that you “get them”. Go over your notes from the 5-Question Partner Interview and convey their own words right back to them.

You’ll say something like, “Before we go any further Brent, I want to make sure I clearly understand everything you’ve shared with me”.

Collaborate with them on an idea or two, keeping in mind that this is a back and forth dialog, and that you’ve got their complete and undivided attention, simply because you’ve been following this process.

By doing so, you’ll get their own ideas out of their head, and into the here and now, and you’re the guy or gal they’ll forever associate with doing that.

Now you simply offer to be their guide in making everything you’ve been discussing a reality for them.

And here’s the big secret (as well as the key to this process)… people are 100% committed to what they help create. They’ll follow through on what they have a hand in collaborating with you.

red-number-5Collaborate, enjoy the process, do something great together that neither of you could possibly do on your own, provide massive value to the people you serve, and get compensated REALLY well for your efforts.

red-number-6Give your strategic partner a way to continue the experience, and tell others about you. You need to be prepared when they say, “thank you, what’s next”, because they will.

Make sure you continue to collaborate with them. This is not a one-and-done kind of thing. We’re building relationship capital that will carry us through the rest of our lives.

And yes, after your partner just had an incredible experience with you, make sure you offer them a simple way to share that experience by raving about you to more of the right people by using “The Partner Getter” Email.

Most people miss out on 90% or more of the referrals they could easily have, simply because they don’t have a proven process that makes it happen. And at this stage of the game, when the stakes are this high, you’d sure as heck better have a process that produces results.

When you do… you’ll find yourself having these incredibly engaging and collaborative discussions with people who are the influencers in this world, people who feel an incredible bond, rapport and connection with you as a result of using the Partnership Playbook. People who want to pay it forward by sharing their experience with others and introducing you to even more of the world’s influencers.

As you begin using this process… in addition to getting more clients in a month than you currently get all year and exponentially growing your business or practice… you’re about to discover how easy your life can really be!

That’s why I’m so committed to sharing The Partnership Playbook with you… because it empowers you to connect, communicate and collaborate in a far more powerful way than you’ve ever done before.

And once we’ve accomplished that, I’m able to make profitable introductions for you because you’re now prepared to capitalize on them.

Let me show you what I’m talking about because this is where things get REALLY EXCITING!

I just had a huge breakthrough using The Partnership Playbook as a mechanism for monetizing sponsorship of our events. This opens big doors for us that I couldn’t figure out how to open until now. Thanks so much Kevin!

Ryan Chapman - Fix Your Funnel –

These Examples Show The Kind Of
Powerful Introductions I’m Talking About! 

The clients and friends in these examples are some of the most incredibly generous, giving and helpful people I’ve ever met and I’m so appreciative of the relationship we have!

Tom Matzen and Richard Branson

Josh Bezoni and Jeromy Stallings

Ty Cohen and Ben Pritchard

Gene Hamlett and David Gonzalez

I could go on and on with examples like these because this is just the tip of the iceberg. The few examples I’ve shown you here come from my Instant Messenger and Google Email accounts, but there’s hundreds more I could share because I make valuable introductions like this on a daily basis via Instant Messenger, Facebook, email, Skype, Zoom, telephone and text message.

These introductions have been worth millions for the people on the receiving end of them, and in case you haven’t noticed by now, this is my “magic”… it’s my unique ability… and it’s what I LOVE doing.

But I don’t want you to just take my word for it, so let’s take a look at what a few clients and friends have to say about The Partnership Playbook… as well as the introductions they’ve benefited from.

What Clients And Friends Are Saying About
The Partnership Playbook… And The
Introductions They’ve Benefitted From!

When I look at where I’ve come in the last 8-9 years using this process…

The income I now have…

The lifestyle I now get to live…

The fact that I’ve become a hero to my wife and children, and can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that feels…

That I get to do what I LOVE and what I was put on this earth to do… by sharing this process that empowers you to connect, communicate and collaborate in a far more powerful way than you’ve ever done before so you can exponentially grow your business or practice.

And once we’ve done that, I then get to make valuable introductions that have been worth millions.

I’d love to welcome you as a partner and have the same kind of relationship with you!

But… before we talk about partnering together and what that looks like… let’s make sure this is a right fit for you.

In order to do that…

Here’s 2 Simple, Yet Powerful Questions
You’ll Want To Answer

When you and I are talking one year from now… after installing The Partnership Playbook into your business or practice with stellar results…

  1. What 2 or 3 things do you see that cause you to be ecstatic with your results?
    • What’s happened for you… both personally and professionally?
    • What are people saying and how have they benefited?
    • What are your family… your friends… your associates saying about you?
    • Who else have you been able to help?
    • How has your revenue increased?
    • How much has your personal income increased?
  2. On a scale of 1-10… does this feel worth doing for you?

When you know Kevin Thompson, you’re only 1-2 degrees away from anyone you could possibly want to meet or do business with.

Perry Marshall

If you feel this is worth doing…

I’d Love To Partner With You
And Get You More Clients In A Month Than
You Currently Get All Year!

It should be pretty obvious by now… WHY I’m so passionate about partnering with like-minded people so we can quickly install this simple process into your business or practice.

Once we’ve done that, I get the privilege of introducing you to influencers who will help you exponentially grow your business or practice because now you’re empowered to connect, communicate and collaborate with them in a way that just wasn’t possible before.

I know you’re busy. You’re knee deep… or even neck deep in running your business or practice and you may be thinking… this all sounds great Kevin, but I don’t know where to start, I’m not good at this kind of thing, I hate the typical networking where all people seem to care about is themselves, I’m too busy to take this on, I don’t have the finances to invest.

The great news is, you don’t need to be good at connecting, partnering, collaborating or any of that stuff. You don’t need to invest a ton of time because I’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you. And as you’ve seen, this process produces results!

The Partnership Playbook is so powerful that it gives you tangible results in less than 24 hours.

Yes, I know that’s a bold claim… and it’s one I stand behind 100%!

When you follow the simple process I’m going to walk you through during our very first training session… in less than 24 hours, your own personal experience will be proof positive that it works and you’ll be excited to continue moving forward.

I just wanted to thank you for “introducing” me to this process!

So far I've sent messages to 36 people and have already heard back from 21 of them!

I sent all the messages to LinkedIn connections. Most of who are ‘cold’ as in I have had little or no contact with them - other than the process of connecting.

I've set up six meetings this month and another four during next month, and one has already said that they want to collaborate and partner with me.

I'm so excited to keep moving forward with this!

Don Hastie
Tyldesley, Manchester
United Kingdom

After years of sharing this process with like-minded people like you, there’s not a single person who hasn’t had this experience.


And because I know you’re going to have the very same experience… you get to take everything for a 30-day preview (which is 29 days more than you need). And if you already know this is a right fit for you, and are ready to take action, I’ll make this a complete “no brainer” for you.

So let me show you how this works…

The Partnership Playbook is divided into 7 easy to follow training sessions that are about an hour each. I’ll send you all the materials at once via Priority Mail and give you online access to the first 3 sessions as well so we can get started right away.

Here’s How We’ll Make It Happen…

Session #1 - How To Attract An Abundance Of A-List Relationships – Part 1

In this initial session we’ll build on what we’ve already covered today as I demonstrate that you already have everything you need to exponentially grow your business or practice by showing you how to tap into the super power you already possess and use it to begin maximizing your already existing relationships while simultaneously attracting an abundance of new A-List relationships.

The method I’ll share with you during the first session is so powerful that it gets people to immediately respond to you, yet so simple that it takes only seconds of your time. You can use it while standing in line at your favorite coffee house or sitting in traffic, waiting for the light to turn green.

red_arrowSession #2 - How To Attract An Abundance Of A-List Relationships – Part 2

During the first 2 sessions our focus is on connecting with A-List strategic partners and influencers as I reveal the proprietary process that’s already generated millions of dollars for our clients, so we can install what will quickly become one of the most valuable assets in your business or practice.

red_arrowWeek #3: The 5-Question Partner Interview Process

I show you how to communicate in a very specific, intentional and powerful way that gets you 100% cooperation from partners and influencers who are in a position to help you… while making it a huge win for them as well.

red_arrowSession #4 – The Partner Interview Process “Live”

You get to be a fly on the wall and listen in as I have live conversations with two strategic partners from two completely different industries so you can see this process in action for yourself.

red_arrowSession #5 - How To Intentionally Orchestrate The Perfect “Before And During” Experience For You And Your Partners

During this session I give you the framework and show you what needs to happen leading up to, and during your collaborative projects in order to create the perfect experience for both you and your strategic partners. When you intentionally orchestrate this kind of experience it creates an amazing reputation for yourself and allows you to maximize the relationship capital with your strategic partners.

red_arrowSession #6 - How To Create An “After” Experience That Will Have Your Partners Introducing You To An Abundance Of A-List Influencers

During this session we’ll focus on the two specific things you’ll do after every collaborative project because it makes a HUGE impact on your strategic partners and gets them to make key A-List introductions that will be worth millions of dollars to you.

red_arrowSession #7 - Creating Your “Partnership Legend”

During the final 3 sessions our focus is on automating and leveraging The Partnership Playbook so you continue benefiting from it for the rest of your career. It’s great that we’re able to create so much additional revenue for you right away. But by using a few simple tools (which I’ll tell you more about in just a second), it allows us to simultaneously create future revenue… with virtually no extra effort required.

You’ll have no more guessing, worries or concerns about not enough leads, not enough clients and not enough revenue.

Instead… you’ll have a continual, predictable and reliable flow of the highest converting clients you need to experience the kind of growth you want, so you can have a real impact in this world and make the kind of income you deserve.

Included With The 7 Training Sessions…

You Also Get “The Partnership Toolbox”

…so you’ll have real world examples of the process we’re installing into your business or practice.

It includes all of the tools that have already been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for our existing partners and you’ll be able to choose the ones that are a perfect fit for you.

The “secret sauce” to this whole process and specifically the tools we’re talking about now is this…

The way you get 100% cooperation from partners and influencers is through attraction… NOT through promotion (as so many people mistakenly believe).

This isn’t about intimidating, persuading or pressuring others to do what you want. In the words of my brilliant mentor Jesse Elder (who I told you about earlier), “It’s about having the tools that allow you to be a lighthouse instead of a tugboat”.

You see… both lighthouses and tugboats help save boats.

But the way they do so is DRAMATICALLY different.

The TUG BOAT goes out and back, pushing and pulling with great effort to try and save an individual boat, and in the process runs itself ragged trying to get itself AND another boat to shore.

But the LIGHTHOUSE stands fixed and simply shines its light…. with no pushing, no pulling and no effort required.

When you use these tools and make the relationships in your life as important as the result, you get to be the LIGHTHOUSE and the right people (both partners and clients) are simply attracted to you… and these are the tools that make it happen.

 The List Of Best Places To Connect With A-List Partners

Many partners have asked where I go to connect with so many influential people, so I’m including this list of best places to connect (outside of "The Partnership"). This list will prove invaluable whether you’re brand new to strategic partnering and collaborating, or already have experience under your belt.

The 5-Question Partner Interview Template

This powerful tool lets you quickly collect the information and insight you need from your strategic partner, while simultaneously connecting in a way that lets them know you get them and are the kind of person they want to collaborate with.

2 Live Partner Interview Recordings

These live interviews give you real world examples of how powerful this process really is. The 5-Question Partner Interview gets right to the core of your strategic partners deepest desires so you can discover for yourself that no matter how successful someone is, they’re simply people like you and I who are looking for solutions to their challenges.

My Personal Notes From The 2 Live Interviews

These notes from the two interviews above show how easy it is to use this process to communicate and collaborate with strategic partners and influencers in a far more powerful way than you ever have before.

The Partner Getter Email Template

This simple email template has opened countless doors that have been worth millions of dollars for our partners.

The Partner Getter Webpage

When a strategic partner or influencer sees this tool, it creates instant credibility and lets them know that you’ve got their best interest in mind and are someone they want to collaborate with.

The Partner Getter Graphic

This powerful graphic provides your strategic partner with a visual image that covers all their self-serving reasons for collaborating with you.

The Partnership Project Follow Up Letter Template

To multiply your results, just send this letter to your strategic partner after every collaborative project you do because it serves two very specific purposes. It reminds them of the incredible experience they just had with you… and secondly, it compels them to introduce you to more A-List strategic partners and influencers.

My Personal Collaboration Emails & Text Messages

These are unedited emails and text messages that show real life examples of how to connect, communicate and collaborate with partners and influencers in a way that gets their 100% cooperation because they immediately see how they can be useful to you… and how you can be useful to them.

We originally began helping clients install this process in 2011 by offering The Partnership Playbook Live workshops here at my home in Arlington, Washington and the investment to attend is $5,000.00.

As word began to spread about the results our clients were getting, demand increased and we had to come up with a way to help more people.

We took the same content that workshop attendees receive, included the audio training as well as world class ongoing support… and now we’re able to offer you the same training and results… for a fraction of the investment.

So you don’t have to invest $5,000.00… and you don’t have to get on a plane and fly to Seattle to attend a Partnership Playbook Live Workshop.

As A New Partner, Your Investment Is

Only $1997



And when you become a partner, you get to take The Partnership Playbook for a 30-day preview.

In being completely transparent, this isn’t about offering the Partnership Playbook Training at all. If that’s all it was, I wouldn’t even bother.

The purpose of the training is to empower you to connect, communicate and collaborate in a far more powerful way than you’ve ever done before so you can get more new clients in a month than you currently get all year.

Once we’ve accomplished that, things get REALLY exciting because I now get to make valuable introductions for you, and have confidence in knowing that you’re prepared to capitalize on them.

As you’ve already seen, these introductions have been worth millions for people on the receiving end of them, and it’s the thing I love most about what we’ll be doing together.

So… if what I’ve shared resonates with you and you’re willing to follow through on the connections I make for you… then let’s get started because I’ve already done all the heavy lifting and we’re about to install what will quickly become one of the most valuable assets in your business or practice.

And… to get our relationship off to an incredible start, I’m also including 3 valuable bonuses for you.

Bonus #1

Partnership Playbook Quick Start Call

(Value - $497.00)


At this point, if you’re still thinking to yourself, “This all sounds great Kevin. It’s obvious that you’re passionate about helping people, you’re an expert on this topic, and I KNOW you can help me… I’m just not totally clear on how we’ll apply this process to my unique situation.”If that’s where you’re at right now, then the very first thing you’ll want to do is join us for the Quick Start Call I’m hosting for you.

During this call we’ll go over the 5 specific ways you can apply The Partnership Playbook.

By doing so, you’ll know which one of the 5 areas to place your initial focus in order to swing the needle in the biggest way and create the largest amount of revenue in the shortest amount of time.

The call will run about 30 minutes, and when we’re finished, you’ll have a customized and step-by-step action plan that’s tailored to your unique situation and where you at right now.

As soon as your request comes through, I’ll send you the details you need to join us for the Quick Start Call.

And if you’re not able to join us for some reason, I’ll make sure you get the recording.

You also get…

Bonus #2
Complimentary 1-Month Membership

In "The Partnership"
(Value - $397.00) 

pp-pi-groupEach month you get to connect with myself and the other members of “The Partnership” because this is where I begin making valuable introductions for you.

Members of “The Partnership” include many of the folks we’ve talked about today and they’re the most giving and generous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. We’re all here to support you… and many of us will be a perfect fit to collaborate with you.

And as you can imagine, I’m really excited to introduce you to everyone because they’re going to welcome you with open arms.

During these calls, we’re all on hand to share in your wins, answer your specific questions and help you continue moving forward with The Partnership Playbook.

The relationships being formed, the introductions being made and the revenue being created through “The Partnership” is nothing short of magical. These calls are also a catalyst for the countless collaborative discussions taking place and introductions being made among our members each month.

You also get an updated rolodex so you can easily connect with the other members of “The Partnership” outside of our regularly scheduled calls.

And just in case you’re not able to join us for some reason, you always get the call recordings each month so you never miss out on a thing.

Once we reach the end of the 1st month and you’ve experienced the kind of success that’s unfolded for you, knowing that it’s directly tied to the generous folks you’ve met through “The Partnership”, you’ll be able to continue your membership for $397 a month and can cancel anytime by calling or emailing us.

You also get…

Bonus #3

Interview with Joe Foley…
The 2 Million Dollar Man
(Value - Priceless)

Joe is another one of our incredible partners and he’s created over 2 Million dollars of revenue in 18 months using The Partnership Playbook.

During this interview he openly speaks about how he used this process to get these results and pick up the 2 biggest clients of his 32-year business career.

Like everyone else in our group, Joe is incredibly giving and generous, as you’ll discover when you listen in.

And that’s why we’re sharing this with you… so you can see the caliber of people you’re about to be collaborating and partnering with on a regular basis.

You’re going to get a ton of value from this, and I look forward to personally introducing you and Joe very soon!

The Partnership Playbook Process has allowed me to connect with people in a FAR more powerful way than I ever could in the past. I’m so thankful for the time you’ve spent with me, and for the wisdom, inspiration and insights you’ve shared. This is such an enjoyable, rewarding and profitable process that I’ll be using it for the rest of my business career.

Joe Foley
Corporate Disk Company

Let’s Recap Everything You Get…

Product Component

$ Value
Partnership Playbook Training (7 Sessions) $ 5,000
Partnership Playbook Tools
Kevin’s List Of Best Places To Connect With A-List Partners $ Included
The 5-Question Partner Interview Template $ Included
2 Live Partner Interview Recordings $ Included
Kevin’s Personal Notes From These 2 Live Interviews $ Included
The Partner Getter Email $ Included
The Partner Getter Webpage $ Included
The Partner Getter Graphic $ Included
The Partnership Project Follow Up Letter Template $ Included
Kevin’s Personal Collaboration Emails & Text Messages $ Included
New Partner Bonuses
Partnership Implementation Group (1 Month Complimentary Membership) $ 397
Interview with Joe Foley… The 2 Million Dollar Man $ Priceless
Partnership Playbook Quick Start Call $ 497

Total Value $5,894.00

As A New Partner, Your Investment Is

Only $1997



And By The Way… There’s No Risk Here!

Because you get to take The Partnership Playbook for a 30-day preview.

As soon as your request comes through, I’ll get your copy of The Partnership Playbook shipped out right away.

You’ll also get immediate online access to the first three sessions so we can begin co-creating what will quickly become one of the most valuable assets in your business or practice.

If at any time during the next 30 days, you aren’t 100% excited about your experience and the results you’re seeing, I insist you send the package back so I can offer you a “no questions asked” refund and we can part as friends.

That’s how confident I am in this process and what we’ll accomplish together when we install it into YOUR business or practice.

Like we discussed earlier… when you do what I show you to do in our very first training session, you’ll have tangible results in less than 24 hours… GUARANTEED.

In less than 24 hours, your own personal experience will prove that this process works and you’ll be excited to continue moving forward.

After years of sharing this process with like-minded people like you, there’s not a single person who hasn’t had this experience.


Within 30 days from now, you’ll have made at least a few connections and know what it’s like to be surrounded by influencers who are committed to helping you and being so appreciative of the extra income and time freedom that’s come from being connected with the right people.

That’s when you’ll look back to the decision you made right now, to get involved and take The Partnership Playbook for a 30-day preview, as the best decision you’ve made all year.

Let’s do some great things together because I’m excited to start making valuable connections for you!



Kevin Thompson

P.S. I’m excited to share this process and show you how to connect, communicate and collaborate in a far more powerful way than you’ve ever done before so you can get more clients in a month than you currently get all year!

P.S.S. I also look forward to making MANY valuable introductions for you.

As A New Partner, Your Investment Is
Only $1997


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