A quick question for you…

Would it be valuable if I were to host an open Q&A session where we can discuss collaborating, partnering, strategic alliances and related topics that will help you grow your business?

Knowing the caliber of people in this community, I can only imagine how incredible it would be to get you all together in one virtual location!

If you’d want to participate, let me know by commenting “Yes” below.

If there’s enough of you who want this, I’ll make it happen.

We’ll use my Zoom conference platform to host this event because it offers a really interactive environment for us to connect.

Look forward to talking soon!

Dedicated to your success,
Kevin Thompson



  1. torsten at

    Yes,I would definitely.be in.Thats a great idea amigo

  2. yes, I would be interested.

  3. Mike at


  4. jack at


  5. Hey Kevin
    Great idea count me in here’s my

  6. ST at


  7. theresa at


  8. Yes….Would love it!

  9. Yes I am interested.
    Given the rate of change and its many impacts that few still take the time to see and interpret as opportunities, I do like the idea of forums with people invested to make a difference. My work will attempt to leverage years of experience reading markets to shape more integrated, conscious work environments, innovation and marketing that truly is strategic. For me, talking to other CEO, CMO, CIO or CXO leaders helps all.

    Like to know more about you, your goals in doing this and ideas on the value as I do support open communities where capable of creating greater value through change.

  10. Matome at

    Yes, that would be great Kevin


    Yes I would love it and can anyone tell me how I get started in this business when I don’t have any spare money at all, all I have is the willingness to do whatever it takes to get on e.g put loads of time and effort into it ? Please email me on neil_gingellyahoo.co.uk I need as much help as is possible Thank you Neil Gingell.

  12. Yes, always love to brainstorm with like-minded deal makers.

  13. Jeffrey at


  14. Jimmy at

    Yes. Have A Happy Healthy Christmas & New Year

  15. Yes, Kevin. Definitely. Passionately.

  16. Graeme at


  17. Yes indeed

  18. Marc at


  19. Rachael at

    Yes of course, brainstorming with likeminded people gets the creative juices flowing. Merry Christmas

  20. Sounds great, Kevin!

    I am working to wrap my mind around applying these ideas to the universes I am active in… Love seeing and hearing how everyone is doing this!

    Thanks, Sherry

  21. Yes I would Kevin. I sent you an email awhile ago asking for help but have not heard back from you.

  22. Faiyaz at


  23. Jill at


  24. Teresa at


  25. Mark at

    Yes. Happy Holidays!

  26. Yes …. when are you planning to have this event?

  27. Gary Herr at

    Yes Thanks have a good day.

  28. RJ at

    Yes, of course!

  29. Chris at


  30. yes

  31. Marybeth at

    Absolutely. Would love to get to know the group as well. Thank you

  32. Robert. T. Tucker at

    yes, sounds good

  33. dave at

    yes i like in if you can me more money mr thompson

  34. Annie at

    Yes please

  35. Terry at

    Yes Thank You.

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