Introducing You And Tim Johnson

How would you like to get more customers… and then turn them into the best sales force you’ve ever had who create MULTIPLE streams of additional revenue for you?

I just hung up the phone from talking with Tim Johnson and that’s exactly what he’s done with The Partnership Playbook.

Check out the 101-second video above to see how he’s taken things to a whole new level and added multiple streams revenue totaling more than 1 MIL in the last year… solely by creating strategic partnerships for his customers.

I asked Tim if he’d be willing to let me interview him, and he agreed.

If you’d like to listen in when I do the interview, and ask questions of Tim yourself, comment “YES” below.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. Grant at

    Yes sounds great!

  2. Kevin, I would love to hear from Tim about what and how he applied this! Always love the application of your tools!

  3. Tim sounds like he could be my HERO! I would love to hear his story

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    count me in!

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    Yes please.

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    Yes, sounds interesting.

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    Yes, please. I’d love to hear actual examples. Thank you!

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    Yes Would be great to hear all about it !!

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    Sounds awesome!

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    Sound great

  14. YES a Great Idea

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    Sounds great!

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    i want to hear to more yes yes yes

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