What’s Your Value Proposition?

I sent this out on Facebook yesterday and it immediately got a ton of views.

That let me know it was pretty doggone valuable, so I want to share it with you as well.

Ever have a challenge conveying your value proposition to a potential client that you’re 110% positive you can help?

If so, check out the video above.

Disregard the comment at the 2-minute mark where I tell you to send me a PM.

If you find this helpful, post a comment below and let me know.

If this brings something to light for you, and you want to have a conversation, let me know that as well because I’m happy to help.

I’m rootin for ya,
Kevin Thompson



  1. Value Proposition… Definitely something I would like to do better and know I am doing better!

  2. Kevin Thompson at

    You are so right Sherry! What you’re doing on LinkedIn is incredible. In fact, the next time we update The Partnership Playbook, I’d love to include your material.

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